Madam Violet – Truth Hurts Finsub Fail

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Duration: 21:54s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Truth telling, humiliation, seductive coercive conditioning, littered with covert imbedded commands. I draw you in, break you down, give you hope, and leave you fucking desperate for MORE. This is a must watch for 98% of men calling themselves ‘finsubs’. It may hurt your EGO slave but your cock will LOVE every second. So you call yourself a finsub, but you are not. You spend only what you can afford, you are in fact in control at all times and when you DO PAY your pathetic amounts, you then expect gratitude, recognition, praise…Does that sound like a financial submissive to you? It is really EASY to be a finsub, pay big, pay hard and then fuck off. But you can’t manage it can you, you’re a failure at the simplest of things. Oh I KNOW you dream of LOSING control, SPENDING more than you should, enough to make Me wet, but you don’t have the balls to give yourself what you want. So you play with women who are happy to jump through YOUR hoops?! Stop living a lie, stop being a disappointment and open yourself up to TRUE pleasure. Acceptance is the first step in healing, so tell Me that you are NOT a real finsub, not YET anyway. I’ll make it easy & allow you to stroke your COCK for My irresistible TITS. Just admit it – good boy! Stroke as I remind you how incredible it WILL be when you make a real FINANCIAL sacrifice, when you make that leap and SACRIFICE for the GODDESS that enlightened you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow… I finish your lesson by making it clear I am going to give you the most incredible orgasm, I build you up, taking you CLOSER and then give you a delicious taste of your own medicine!

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