Madam Violet – Time Dilation Pleasure Trance

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Duration: 24:40s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Imagine a Goddess powerful enough to distort the fabric of time and space with only Her words, Imagine feeling like you’ve been edging, stroking, gooning non-stop for hours, days weeks, imagine not knowing where you begin and I end as I melt your concept of what reality is. Taking you down to My trance realm I have the power to slow time down or speed it up, or have it disappear entirely. Think about how easily your state of mind alters how you perceive time passing, the journey is always quicker on the way back. DEEP under My control and guidance every minute will feel like a day. As I echo and ricochet round your mind, time slows down as it also speeds up, I stretch it out into endless oblivion, just keep stroking, experience exactly what I tell you to. The more you get out of the way, the more intense your trip will be. You love to feel powerless, insignificant, overwhelmed with surrender and submission. I tell your subconscious mind you’ve been wanking for days and THAT is how it feels. As I count you into orgasm I put reality back where it was around you, you CUM, exhausted, drained, so weak and pathetic, in awe of My power and enslaved eternal.

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