Madam Violet – The Guest 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 36:13
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Clever, sexy, cool. A natural born predator. This is as close to the real Me you’re gonna get. This is what would happen if you and I happened to be at the same party together. I’d immediately recognise that pathetic desperate bitch inside of you and all My PREDATOR instincts would kick in. You would be intimidated by how fucking cool and elegant and charismatic I am. And hard as fuck as soon as I look in your eyes and take your hand, slipping into a side room. And here we are, all alone. I ask if you know who I am. What I do. To men. You’ve no idea but you find as I start lighting matches and blowing them out that you’re feeling rather sleepy. Hazy in the mind, even harder in the cock. Mesmerised by My sophisticated English accent, My large tits spilling out, My beautiful long legs make you so weak. Under My spell I command you take out your cock and begin stroking it. You feel stoned and confused and so horny. My breasts come out, I play with My pussy. Your obedience turns Me on, your pathetic desire for Me turns Me on. I fuck with you, talking to the subby you. I’m so fucking confident and beautiful and IN CONTROL. I make you watch on your knees hands behind your back as I make Myself cum. I tell you how I’m gonna wake you up and fuck with your mind. I wake you up just as I count you down to orgasm. Ruining it. I laugh at you. I’m disgusted with you. You thought I’d have SEX with you??!? I was just being NICE! And you thought you could get your cock out and stroke?!? Of course you want Me to keep quiet. Of course you agree to pay Me every month. Of course this has been the BEST night of your life.

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