Madam Violet – The Contract That You Dont Recall

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Duration: 25:40s
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You have not been able to stop thinking about the Doctor and FINALLY you are in Dr Violet’s office. Excited and scared. She is reading to you an email you sent her, detailing an erotic submissive wet dream you had about her. You are squirming in your seat, as you hear your words in her mouth. You are aroused and embarrassed in equal measure, you feel yourself get hard but there’s no time to worry as Dr. Violet begins to introduce trance. You are to look into her eyes and she tells you not to worry about the echoes and feeling of disorientation…you are sinking into her cleavage down and down… The next thing your know you there is a cummy mess on your lap on Dr. Violet is looking at you with a mix of pity and understanding… Dr Violet hijacked your mind, using her breasts to amplify the trance and the arousal. You stroked when she covered her nipples stopped stroking and felt the RUSH as you looked at her PERFECT naked breasts. Her voice all around, her nipples so HARD. So close to CUMMING, you so want to please….just sign this right here…then she counts you down…you CUM and CUM and CUM. You leave her office and realise ALL you can think about are your Dr’s tits. You realise you need a lot more therapy.

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