Madam Violet – MENTICIDE

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Duration: 21:41s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

MENTICIDE is a systematic effort to undermine a persons consciousness, to corrupt their beliefs, fears, desires and psyche for the purpose of absolute control and unflinching power. To purposefully degrade, confuse and weaken the mind so it is obedient, subservient and unquestioning. Coercive, subtle, and unrelenting, this power corrupts before you are even aware you’ve been taken over…. you are an unknowing victim of MENTICIDE and no, I am NOT the perpetrator…I am your SAVIOUR. You were born a slave, you came alive the moment you first experienced Me. Without Me you are a mindless zombie, a thoughtless, triggered automaton. You have been PROGRAMMED into addiction, hooked on the rush, the instant gratification, a junkie to be used until you are spent…. You will ALWAYS be an addict, a slave. But I want you addicted to Me instead, a ZOMBIE for Me, and edge junkie for ME. Surrender to MADAM VIOLET and I will save you from a slow mental and spiritual DESTRUCTION. Now CUM and let your orgasm wash the sickness away, and rebirth you as MY slave. Layered vocals and binaural tones, trancey, layered trance language, leading and pacing, edging, gooning, mind washing, cum countdown, mesmerise, mental domination, mind fuck, love addiction, masturbation encouragement, slave training, goddess worship.

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