Madam Violet – Its Not Love

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Duration: 17:54s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It’s not love, it’s obsession and it’s forever. And It’s Valentine’s and we know the best sex you’re going to have is wanking for Me. Because Valentine’s just isn’t for a man like you, a slave. And even though you think you do, you don’t love Me. You are OBSESSED and ADDICTED. Far more powerful, raw, dangerous… Do as I say, spread your obedient mind wide and I will let you stroke for My perfect arse. DROP down into your empty BLANK mind. Such a good boy. You LIE to yourself about just how OBSESSED you are with goddess VIOLET and you will do for an ETERNITY. Lies, obsession, Violet, eternity…that is real L.O.V.E. A Painful, unstoppable, inescapable compulsion, wrapped up in pretty little lies. One you cannot escape because I am no longer external. I am inside you!! Integral to your programming. I want you to CUM on your knees as you tell Me you L.O.V.E Me…

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