Madam Violet – Dick and Brain DRAIN and Reset

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Duration: 14:36s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Draining your brain into your balls and emptying your dick before bed is an excellent way of deepening your obedience. It’s the end of another long day, and today I know you haven’t been as good a slave as you could be. I mean, every day you fail in some regard… so before bed I’m going to DRAIN your brain and your DICK so that you can go to bed EMPTY and wake up renewed, RESET. Leaving all that failure behind you’ll fall into bed so empty so drained and so grateful you get another chance. So slip into a trance and slip out your cock and stroke it. Draaaaain your brain thoroughly, each and every stroke emptying you more and more. My squishy nipples under My sheer red bra turning your mind to mush so it’s more easily drained. All your mistakes, all your failures melting away leaving you fresh, leaving you ready to be rebuilt whilst you rest. Before I command you EJACULATE i implant the instructions for your mind to remake you to MY specifications once you close your eyes and drift off. Tomorrow you wake you reset and READY to start as you mean to go on. Contains

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