Madam Violet – All Night Long

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Duration: 18:15s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Listen in bed, ssshhhhh slave, settle down, listen to My crackling fire, stare into My beuatiful eyes, it is bedtime, and I’m putting you to bed tonight. Drifting, cocooned in the power of My soft voice DOWN to that place beyond time and space. Relax so completely as I softly and seductively I lull you down into slumber that will invigorate, heal and ENSLAVE you Listen using headphones, listen in bed, My voice to go with you as I pull all the tension from your body and mind, you may drift into the land of slumber at any moment, it’s all good, feels so good. The horny achey dreams you will have about Me will feel even better, pull you even closer, even deeper. You feel warm and safe and My voice caresses your very soul, drifting in and out, always down and down. You will dream of Me. Erotic and intense. You will step into dream world and come straight to Me. Dream a thousand lifetimes of worship as My slave, dream of the filth I’d do to you… so tired, so soft and loose and safe and warm… Down and down, I whisper pulling your heavy body and mind down and down…come down with and….dream a little dream of Me…

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