Madam Violet – 4 Words 4 Endless Surrender

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Duration: 18:5s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You are going to WORSHIP Me with your cock and your mind. You are going to NEED Me to take you deeper, fuck you harder. You are going to stroke when I say and stop when I say so that you ACHE for Me, and you will OBEY every single word I say because you NEED to WORSHIP and ACHE so you obey… Worship. Need. Ache. Obey. These words are powerful, they can be rearranged and applied in any way and yet they will still HOLD you in an endless cycle of worship, need, ache, obey, worship in an endless spiral down into delicious OBLIVION. Stroke until I tell you to stop, OBEY, in your resting position, hands behind your back. Produce ONE drop of pre-cum and you can stroke again, ACHE as you OBEY, because you so desperately NEED more Madam Violet worship. Stroke some more until, again, you are made to stop until you provide THREE drops of pre-cum. Repeating the mantra you WORSHIP Me, you NEED Me, you ACHE for Me, you OBEY Me. STROKE and slide deeper into Me, obey Me because you need Me and you WILL ache for Me…

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