Madam Samantha – Slave Training a Fat Pig

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Duration: 7:46s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Well , here you are my new slave ! God , you’re such a fat , disgusting pig ! The pure sight of you makes me sick to the stomach . Im going to mock you by telling you how perfect I am …… Look at my curves , let me tease you in to submission even more ! You know the fat , ugly slaves pay more , right ? It’s time to start your training fatty fin sub! You will do some jumping jacks , I’ll soon whip you in to better shape (all the better for doing chores quicker !) Every time you fail my training you will have to pay 50 pounds , you’re obviously going to fail and run out of money so that means you are shunned till you fill up that piggy bank again ! Oh the shame – Come back when you can afford a Goddess like me , fatty.

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