Madam Director – Rejected Boot Licker Turned Into Toilet

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1080 HD Crawl here, maggot. Today I have a simple task for you. I want you to lick all the dirt from the bottoms of My well-worn city boots. The years have soiled the soles, and now I want all that dirt inside of you. You do not satisfy me with your attempt at completing the task, but what could I expect from a pathetic worm? Maybe I need to just expect less from you. Let’s try the dirty feet, then. They are all sweaty and smelly from the old leather boots. Can you at least satisfy Me by cleaning this sweat with your tongue? I spit on your face over and over. I admonish you for being so terrible at everything. The only thing you seem to be good at is being spit on. What a true failure. I can think of only one use for such a true failure. You will be a toilet. Unfit even to even lick My boots, I am going to assign you the foulest task. A true failure like you does not deserve any privileges. From now on you will only serve as a vessel for My waste. You will be a permanent fixture. I will never let you leave. You will be chained to the floor of my basement bathroom for the remainder of your worthless life. If you give me any difficulty, I will cane you. I will alter your brain until you will find that being a toilet is the only thing that arouses you. Just to make sure that your mouth stays open, after you are chained to the floor, I insert a dental gag. You will be completely restrained and unable to close your mouth now. I lower my panties and sit above your face. I go in your mouth. I remove the gag once your mouth is full. Once I remove the gag, I need you to chew and swallow everything. Chew and swallow! Of course, you fail Me yet again. Now I will strap you down and cane you severely until you accept your new role as My full toilet. (15

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