Luxurious Lexi – Dont Think About Sex

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Duration: 13:34s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Look at you, my little chastity slave. All locked up like a little good boy for Goddess, How long has it been since you’ve slipped it on? Doesn’t matter because guess what, loser? I want you locked up for even longer. Think you could handle that? Can’t be that hard, Just don’t think about anything remotely hot. In fact, I’m going to make it easier for you… I am going to list all of the things you shouldn’t be thinking of. Don’t think about my gorgeous legs wrapped around you, straddling you.. Don’t think about how good it would feel to stroke right now. Most definitely do not think about me fucking you, You know it’ll never happen. You’re such a pervert, I know you’re already bulging out of that cage. Didn’t I tell you not to think about anything remotely sexual? It’s almost like you enjoy tormenting yourself. You enjoy being in pain for goddess, huh?

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