LusciousxLuci – Handcuffed and Mindfucked By Your Wife Part 1

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Duration: 20:4s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Tonight you asked your wife to take the lead and be more dominant in bed. She is a little hesitant, but agrees to try her best since it’s what you want. After thinking it over for a couple moments, an idea dawns on her. She mentions a new toy she bought online recently that she got so you could use them on her, but this would be the perfect time to break them out. She shows you a pair of handcuffs and reassures you it’s safe as she recognizes your reluctance. Giving you a demonstration of how easy they are to take on and off, your wife eventually convinces you to trust her and you let her handcuff you to the bed frame. It turns her on so much to see you restrained like this and starts riding your cock. After a bit, your wife lets you in on a secret. She didn’t just buy those handcuffs, she’s always had them. If you hadn’t agreed to try them, she was going to handcuff you to the bed while you were fast asl eep. She tells you it’s time to play a game. If you cum inside of her, you become her sex slave and the handcuffs stay on. Don’t bother fighting it. Just accept your fate as a handcuffed sex slave….

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