Luna Hellborn – Remedy For a Broken Heart

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Duration: 9:34s
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You can’t hide from your m.ama that something is not alright in your life. So.. tell me everything, because I am here to listen. Oh.. she left you. That’s why you are so sad, my poor boy. That stupid bitch doesn’t deserve an amazing guy like you, you know that? Don’t worry. You don’t need that cheap whore by your side. I am here with you and I know the perfect remedy for a broken heart. Go into my bedroom and wait for me. See honey.. m.ommy’s body is still nice, don’t you think? Lay down now.. I want to suck that young cock. I want to stroke it between my tits. I want to feel it deep inside my womb.. and I want to come together with you. M.ommy knows how to please a man. You don’t need any other girl.

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