LucySpanks – Sexualizing Chastity

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Duration: 8:35s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

mm hello bitch boy.. i know exactly why youre here. i know exactly what you want, what you are craving… you want to be back in your cage, and out of control. you want to hand all over your power, responsibility, wants and needs to Me. I know what makes you tick, I know what you need. So do you, you fucking love your cage. Lock it up nice and tight for Me, you want to put on your sexy little cage and let it devour you, let it eat away at your cock and relieve you of all the shame that comes with your dick. your friendship with your dick is over, why dont you hate fuck your cage a bit for Me? add some lube and fuck it HARD. Follow My instructions and get lost in My sexy voice and body as the feeling in the pit of your stomach starts to risee.. when you think you are going to orgasm. Stop. Turn the key and click it closed, the sound turns you on more than anything. You love your cage so much, now lets take it to the next level and sexualize your chastity to the fucking core. you are welcome.

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