Lucid Lavender – CEI Loser Boy

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Lucid Lavender! Oh what a surprise, another loser boy has graced my presence, with his own little kinks and his own little fetishes, and his own little desires. And it’s always the loser boys who like to eat their own cum. It’s always the loser boys who want to clean up their own messes with their own tongue. I wonder when was the first time you tasted your own cum? What was it like? How reserved were you? Or was it just something that you always knew you wanted to do? I get emails from freaky little loser boys like you, I get so many emails every day. And I want each and every one of you to know that you’re no different. I can use and destroy you just the same as everybody else. How long does it take you to cum? Because I’m sure you’re already stroking because you just can’t wait. You’ve been thinking about it all day. I bet you wonder how much cum your balls can produce, how many times a day you get to eat your favorite, salty snack. Mmmmm! LOL! Do you lick every drop off your fingers? Do you suck on them? Because you don’t want to miss a single drop. Have you ever licked it off the floor? You have to make sure you get if off of every surface. If you were here with me I would make sure you licked up every single drop. And you know I can do that for real, right? Just send me an email and you can actually be here in front of me licking it up. I’m here to destroy you, I’m not here to clean up after you. That’s your job loser boy. You cum eating little weirdo! LOL! You can come here any time you want and your freaky little desires met. Keep stroking, build up that load, does it help when I call you loser boy? LOL! Loser boy, loser boy, little cum eating loser boy. Does it help you cum faster when I do that for you? You’re going to build up a nice big load and you’re going to catch as much of it in your hands as possible. Try to not let any drip out because I want you to lap it out like your hand is a little cup. LOL! Do you savor that load? I want you to savor it. How many times in a single day have you eaten your own cum? 2? 4? More? How many times are you able to make yourself explode and then eat it all up? Does your load get smaller every time? Do you feel weaker and weaker every time, loser boy? Do you feel yourself sinking away as your load gets smaller and smaller? Jerking your cock and eating your load is all you know how to do. It’s all you want to do. All you do is hump your hand and eat your own cum because nobody else is doing that for you LOL! But you do have me, to guide you, to coax you to blow your biggest load possible and then shovel it all in your mouth lol! You milk it, and then you get to slurp it lol. It’s delicious, isn’t it? There are some boys out there who aren’t as big of a loser as you are and they get repulsed by that thought. But there’s something about you, even though you’re just this cum eating loser, there’s something about you, you’re different. I see you licking your fingers, licking your hand. You just can’t get enough of it can you? And that’s why you’re here. And that’s why you’re such a big loser. Because you just can’t get enough.

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