Lord Maria – Righting the Wrong Part 1

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Duration: 11:0s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You know what annoys me? I loathe how you have managed to make it this far in life disguising yourself as a ‘real’ man. The fact that you managed to deceive a woman into marrying you is an abomination. If she knew the real you – the beta male that exists deep inside – she never would have married you. Thank god I exist because I am a seeker of justice. I’m here to right the wrongs and put you back in your natural position using my craftiness and guile. But what tools should I use to reinstate the proper hierarchy? To make you submit and remain in your inferior position beneath women? Options.. options… Get ready to stroke and commit to some disturbingly humiliating tasks. And make sure you buy Part 2 …

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