Long JOI Clips – Princess Natalies Insane Foot-Tease

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Duration: 31:28s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

“How are you? I know you’ve been waiting so long to play with me…*laughs*…I love to keep you waiting…I figured I’d start in the pose for you, cause I know how much it drives you wild…My feet are nice and sweaty from being inside those crocs…” I was hoping that my foot-princess would have some mercy and give me an out-of-chastity experience…Alas; Natalie wanted me locked on this one, as well. she enjoys having me squirming, dripping, and eventually – exploding for her from INSIDE the cage. this is yet another insane, personal experience – now delivered for the public as well. Natalie is one of the world’s foot-fetish & femdom divinities, and this video is a masterpiece juse any of her other ones.

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