Long Hair Luna – Goddess Slave Body Cleaning

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Duration: 17:13s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You (Connor) really proved yourself at that party didn’t you cuck? Good, you’re learning. Now I know how much you can handle I don’t have to be gentle with you anymore. I’ve been holding back. Oh, how cute, you thought that was me being dominant. You really have no idea do you. Lick all the sweat and cum off of my body…. I need to be spotless for when the next set of alphas arrive. Taste it, can you smell their scent on me? Can you smell the testosterone? Now the feet. I was bent over, on my feet, on their cocks for so long… Massage them for me slave. Clean in between my toes with your tongue. Take it in your mouth and down your throat. Good. Now look at the pussy you will never, ever be able to fuck or please, and jerk that pathetic little cock. You’ll only cum when I say so… That is, if I provide you relief at all.

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