London Lix – Weaker Than Me 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 10:50
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Custom roleplay. We’re friends & I’ve heard you’ve been working out a lot, but you still look as puny as ever, maybe even weaker than the last time I saw you. I’ve only been lifting weights for a short while, but I’ve made SO much progress. I’m so strong now, lifting far more than you on every exercise already. I show off my tight abs, my bulging biceps, shoulders and ripped back, teasing you about how all my muscles are bigger and firmer than yours. I laugh in your face that you’ve been slaving away in the gym making no progress whilst it’s been so easy for me to gain muscle. I show off by bicep curling a little weight to failure. I’m noticing you getting a little nervous and slyly remark that I’ve always been a little taller than you, and now I’m stronger than you too…how pathetic & weak you must feel.

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