London Lix – Trapped for Another Year

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Duration: 10:2s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

New Year, New Resolutions. You’re going to stop spending on clips. You need to stop sending tributes and gifts to girls like me. If you want to jerk off, you’ll just do it to vanilla free porn like a ‘regular’ guy, not the loser you’ve been kidding yourself you are. You don’t need the sapiosexual kick that comes from watching my clips. You don’t need to stroke to my perfect body when you could be with your hot wife or girlfriend. You don’t need to keep exploring the fetishes that make your mind melt. I want you to prove it to yourself today. I want you to stroke for the entire duration of this clip and NOT cum. If you can do that, we’ll both know you’re for real this year and you can go your way in peace. But we know what’s going to happen, right? Before this delicious mindfuck of a tease is over your femdom-craving dick will be dribbling, you’ll be aching for my voice, my breasts, my ass. You’ll know you’ll never find a girlfriend as gorgeous as me. You’ll know I’m the only one who understands your kinks and perversions. And you’ll spill a huge load for me, ready to remain trapped for another year.

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