London Lix – Loser Awareness Day

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Duration: 11:31s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

So many of you dateless boys like to complain about Valentine’s Day, marking it is ‘Single’s Awareness Day’, when it’s rubbed in your face just how uncoupled-up you are. But this really isn’t a problem in 2019. It’s fun to be single! There are speed dating events, club nights for singles, tons of ‘Palentine’s’ ideas…but none of these are going to work for you either, are they? Whether it’s because you have no friends, are a virgin, or just plain socially awkward; you’re a loser, and that’s why Valentine’s is so uncomfortable. But it’s okay! Because *I’m* putting on a special event just for you; this clip! The entry fee is super inexpensive, you can (and should!) enjoy it alone, and you can partake from the comfort of your bedroom. Come celebrate Loser Awareness Day with me sweetie. Beware; I’m pretty mean with my verbal humiliation in this one, but that’s why you’re browsing my store anyway, isn’t it?

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