London Lix – London Says JOI Game 2

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Duration: 12:43s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Following on from last month’s “London Says”; this is a kinder, non-findom oriented version of this simple yet effective edging game. You want to be obedient? You want to follow my instructions? You like it when I take control and you do exactly as I say? Good. Let’s put all of that to the test. A true ”femdom JOI’ clip, I’ll be in full command of your cock and jerk off instructions. All you have to do is listen, obey, nod your head and tell me Yes, Miss Lix! There are two levels of success; a full release and a ruined orgasm, and of course…the possibility that you might fail & be denied. How much of a good boy are you? Play & find out!

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