London Lix – Damage Your Brain, Mind Melting 1280×720 HD

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Hi !n.t0x addict, here to play? Are you here to have you mind melted by those p0p.p3r.z that you just love to abuse? Good. You see not only are the type of jerk junkie who has to log into a clip site and hand over his hard earned cash to a hot woman so she can tell you how to touch your cock, but you’re also the type of guy who likes to be instructed on how to sniff, how to inhale, how to dope yourself up on that poison which makes your mind all the more malleable for me to fuck with. And I’ll happily oblige you and mindfuck you while I get you nice and dosed up. Because I really do think that you p0p.p3r.z sniffers are total losers. Not only are you a jerk junkie who’s addicted to touching his penis but you’ve done this so much that you have to make it more interesting for yourself by fucking up your brain cells. So you found your way to f0rc3.d !n.t0x. Giving up control of your cock wasn’t enough, you need to give away control of your mind. Because when you’re sniffing for me you become weak and stupid. I just love how stupid p0p.p3r.z make you.So jerk that cock and pick up that bottle and bring it to your nostril and get ready to take that first big hit. Let’s see how stupid we can make you for me. Inhale. Deeply. Are you starting to get those tingles, are you starting to float away? Good now sniff with the other nostril. I love that you’re damaging your mind for me. Feel yourself letting go. What he fuck is wrong with you? LOL. Do you know what the fuck you’re doing to yourself right now? You’re making yourself the perfect loser toy for me to fuck with. Stroke some more with that poison floating around in your system and [email protected]!ing your bl0.0d stream. P0p.p3r.z make you weaker and more able to indulge in your forbidden fetishes. You find it easier to open to me when you’re on p0p.p3r.z  I’m going to fuck up your mind with my wicked verbal humiliation while your brain is swimming in a sea of jelly. I want to melt that mind of yours even more, sniff again. Stuff your fucking brain for me, make yourself dumb. Take another hit. I don’t care about your mind, all I care is turning you into a jerking mindfucked [email protected] puppet for me. You’re so easy to manipulate when you’re in this state. You get so mesmerized by my body when you’re fucked up. It’s so easy to seduce you loser. You don’t get this in your real life, you have to come here to your fantasy land and let your mind float away, where you allow yourself to poison your own brain just to get off. You love being my little toy. Let’s so how much you can take, hit it again loser. Show me how stupid you want to get for me because you fucking love this. You need this. This is your escapism. p0p.p3r.z addicts are so easy to fuck with. You’re a mess already. You are a stupid p0p.p3r.z addict. I want you to jerk off and hit it again, step outside of your comfort zone. I’ll bet you’ve done some really fucked up things on p0p.p3r.z that you never would have done otherwise. I know exactly how you get and I’m going to exploit you. Look at you sniffing away like a pathetic little d.r.u.g.. addict. You’re melting, you’re just putty in my fucking hands. I love watching you !nt.0x addicts just edging your fucking life away. You’re wasting your life and you’re so fucked up that you just don’t care. You can’t even get off without p0p.p3r.z any more. You’ve ruined your sex life. I’m going to make you cum in the most depraved way loser. You’re my stupid little p0p.p3r.z junkie.

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