London Lix – Break Your Sex Life Humiliation JOI

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Duration: 13:19s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I know you have this fantasy of completely destroying your sex life for me. Of ruining yourself to femdom humiliation clips. Perhaps you’ve even started to notice it happening; finding it harder and harder to get hard for vanilla porn, for sex with your wife or girlfriend. Yet all you crave is to push deeper. This humiliation task JOI should do the trick. A week-long assignment of mindfucking as you stroke to more and more pathetic things, starting tangentially related to me, and devolving into, and beyond, literal trash. What do you think will happen if you condition yourself to stroke not just to something like my dirty socks, which have actually touched my Goddess feet, but something like a trash can, or a door handle, that I may have touched? Only one way to find out what happens when you train your erections and orgasms to be associated with inanimate objects, rather than the soft breasts and wet pussies real men get.

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