Lolarosexxx – Boy Girl Home Invasion Anal

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I’m filming a pillow humping video, but then someone comes into my room!! It turns out I’m being robbed, and as well as him taking all my stuff, he wants my pussy too!! I tell him he can’t have my pussy because I’m a virgin, but he can fuck my ass in doggy if it means he’ll leave me alone… but first he makes me suck his dick, slapping me with it and getting it really sloppy. At first I didn’t want this stranger inside me, but I start to like it, so I ask him to fuck my pussy too and I ride his dick. He’s so rough with me! My ass is bright red from all the spanks. He fucks me in missionary, puts his fingers in my mouth and makes me cum. But he’s still not finished with me! He fucks me in my ass again and fills me up with his cum as I beg for it inside me. Then he leaves me on the bed, with my ass full of cum.

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