Lissie Belle – The Cum Diet

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Oh honey! thanks for paying for my modelling school! i’m having so much fun here! i decided to make you this video from school so you can see how much fun i’m having, can you tell im thinner? they got me on an all sperm diet breakfast, lunch and dinner, and babe it works look at my glowing skin and my body! its amazing can’t wait to show you in person! so for my meals they allowed me to ask the guys on staff to help me out, at breakfast ron helps me out and the other guys help me out with the other meals, they been super nice and helpful! next month they will allow me visitors and i can’t wait to see you however i cant have snacks between meals so i’m going to need you to lock up that cock in chastity so i won’t be tempted, however that doesn’t mean you cant help me out with my food, the thing is getting my food requires to much work, i have to get them hard and properly stimulated by the time im done im hungrier than when i started so maybe you can fluff up the guys for me and get them ready so i get a direct deposit in my mouth mmmm that would be perfect! can you do that babe.

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