Lissie Belle – Brother And Sister Make A Deal Lissiebelle 1080p

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Duration: 10:13
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She broke up with her boyfriend, she never used to like eating cum, but her ex wanted her to eat it, so she did and she got addicted and after breaking up with him, shes suddenly craving cum! she doesn’t want to be labeled or get a bad reputation so she decides to go to a trusted source…. her brother! so she goes and asks him if its possible for him to save some of his cum next time he jerks off but he tells her that if she wants it she will have to get straight from the source! she agrees and sucks him off, but then he tells her he wont be able to cum unless he fucks her, shes craving cum so bad so she does it happily, at the end she gets her reward a warm shot of cum straight into her mouth.

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