LisaTheSuccubrat – 300 Paddle Spanks on Cam

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Duration: 3:3s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Please note that this is from a cam stream so there will be background noise and some moments where i may be/or look like i am responding to something said/done in chat. however i did edit it to my best ability and haven’t heard any complaints! just compliments! also yes, i know i have a piece of lint on my butt, i also wish that i saw that during the actual stream lol, still cute though. in a itty bitty blue and white micro-bikini, red lipstick, and adorable pom poms in my hair, this video truly captures the art of my cute ass turning nice and red. 300 wooden paddle spanks total with my badass dragon paddle, so 150 paddle spanks each cheek. this video is super candid and cute, i included my reactions afterwards as well as me being proud of my booty marks and taking multiple butt pictures for snapchat. had a lot of fun editing it! hope if you purchased it you enjoyed watching

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