Lindsey Leigh – JOI For The Leg Humper

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Lindsey Leigh Today I’m going to turn you into a jerkaholic. But not the way you’re used to. I know you’re so tired of using your hands. It always feels the same. Losers like you are always looking for new ways to get your pathetic cock off. So today I’m going to instruct you on how to cum without using your hands. That’s right, no touching that worthless cock of yours. Let’s start off with something you’re used to, your pillow. I know you’ve humped it before. So straddle that pillow and start to hump it. Good boy. I know that feels so good against your cock. Hump it faster you stupid pillow humper. And don’t you dare touch your cock. I know you want to cum so badly that you’ll hump anything I tell you to. Next let’s do something a little more humiliating and a little more uncomfortable. I want you to grab a shoe and hump it. Put your cock in that shoe and hump it. Show me how pathetic and desperate you are to cum by humping that shoe. Doesn’t that feel good idiot? Fuck that shoe! LOL! You fucking moron! You’ll do anything for me. Now let’s make it hurt a bit. I want you to get down on the floor and hump your rug. It might burn a bit, but I know you’ll do it for me. Just look at my hot body while you hump that carpet! LOL! Hump, hump, hump. Now I have a fun one for you. I want you to put your cock on the inside of your elbow, between your forearm and bicep, and I want you to fuck it! LOL! Make a little chicken wing with your arm and fuck it. Now slide that cock in between your thighs and start to hump your legs. Wow look at you. You must feel so stupid. Faster loser. Now back to the pillow, hump the pillow. I’m going to make you cum so hard right into your pillow! LOL you stupid helpless jerkoff addict!

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