Lindsey Leigh – Inhale and Jerk

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Duration: 14:18s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Today I want you to inhale the most p o p p e r s you ever have while masturbating to me. I have you sniffing over 10x in this clip so be prepared and willing. You begin in a comfortable position with you cock in your hand. Follow my jerk and sniff instructions because they will lead you to the ultimate orgasm drain. I show off my body, teasing you, encouraging you to embrace the weakness. Feel your mind wander as my commands take over your thoughts. Feel the rush that comes over your body as you pump faster and produce pre cum. I enjoy watching you drip for my body. I enjoy watching you squirm while on edge. What I enjoy most is watching your eyes stare completely blank and void of thought as I consume you. Pump and edge until my extra long countdown. Will you make it or will the feeling of pleasure overwhelm you minutes in?

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