Lily Lou – Gf Tricks You Into Being a Perma Virgin

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Duration: 21:35
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Today marks one whole month you’ve been locked in chastity! It must of been sooo difficult for you. A virgin like you not being able to even touch your own cock? Lol I bet you could barely function. But it was all worth it right? I did say I would take your virginity if you managed to go a whole month. Before we get to that though I’m going to need you to do a few things for me first… In this video I make you sniff my armpits, feet, and bush then lick my asshole. Afterwards you suck my strap on just to get a chance to see my tits. Then finally I give you the key to your cage and allow you jerk off but you can only cum after you agree to never have pussy and remain a virgin forever, let me use my strap-on on you whenever I want, consume my piss, let me dress you up in my lingerie, lick up my sweat after I go to the gym, and clean me up after I fuck whoever I want while you stay locked in chastity.

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