Lewdestbunnie – Tentacle Demons Aphrodisiac Cum V Slayer

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Duration: 21:9s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: SOLO FEMALE, TEENS (18+)

Just when this novice demon slayer thinks she’s about to beat a demon lord and prove her strength, she’s surprised by the one thing she wasn’t prepared to fight– a 22″ tentacle dick dripping aphrodisiac cum. Although she starts out confident and ready to fight, the demon lord’s strong aura quickly causes her to uncontrollably start touching herself, her clothes feel hot and burning and she takes them off, before she knows it she’s kneeling in front of the demon lord with his tentacle dick in her mouth. She falls more under his spell as she swallows his precum and he wraps his tentacle dick around her tits and neck, making the aphrodisiac cum cover her body until she’s begging him to use her throat and have her swallow as much cum as she can. After the demon lord shoots his load into her stomach, the fight is over and he’s made her his slave. She’ll do anything for him now so he has her lay back, spread her legs, and uses her pussy as he likes. She cums hard as his suction cups rub against her clit. Then after begging him to fill her with cum, she cums even harder when he finally does put his tentacle deep into her womb and creampie her, making her his slave forever ♥︎

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