Legendarylootz – Roommate Chastity Lockup

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Duration: 20:29s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Oh hey roomie.. I forgot I left you in here tied up! Remember I’m not untying you until your chastity cage arrives, I know how horny you get, you’ll be in here jerking off all day. I’m having a guy over tonight and he’s going to fuck me so good. I talk about how hot it’s going to be, maybe I’ll even cover you in a blanket so you’ll have to watch me! I ask you what I should wear and tease you about your small cock, you know it will never compare to the cocks I like. I get so turned on thinking about tonight I can’t help but masturbate in front of you, I know it must hurt your cock not being able to stroke it. I cum hard while telling you all about how he’s going to fuck me, then shove my panties into your mouth so you’ll stay quiet for the rest of the night.

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