Latin Sandra – My Student Episode 1

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This video is technically going to be 4 years long so this may be the longest sex tape you’ll ever watch. This is episode 1 and there will be 7 or more episodes. So if you buy all 7 episodes and play them one after another you will be watching 4 years of sex. lol If you follow me then you know I was a high-school teacher before and if you follow my hotwife sexcapades then you know I met this guy at the gym about 4 years ago, he hit on me and confessed he had a huuuuge thing for “older” and married woman but had never actually fucked one. Buuuut there was only one thing that kept me from fucking him, he was actually an EX-STUDENT of mine. Let me be clear that when I met him at the gym he was 21. lol He asked for my number but I blew off his first few text messages until finally his messages started cumming with attachments of his ripped body and hard cock and then I became VERY interested. I love being a guy’s first HotWife but there was still the ex-student issue so I talked it over with my husband to make sure I could not get in legal trouble and apparently I was in the clear. lol In one of the text messages he said if I gave him a chance he would leave me completely satisfied and that he also wanted to be my student again, on the subject of how to satisfy a HotWife that is. He said fucking married women is something he has fantasized about for as long as he can remember so he did not want this to be a one time thing. I invited him over to our house for our very first encounter and to make a long story short, we have now been fucking for over 4 years. I have taught him how to be the perfect boytoy and how to satisfy a HotWife to the best of his ability so that she keeps calling him back 4 years later like I have. This is episode 1 and it’s called Fucking A HotWife 101 and I pretty much covered all the basics of fucking a HotWife with him. I wanted to make sure he could walk the talk and fuck me good in front of my husband and the camera and also keep his cock hard and he DID NOT disappoint one bit. He kept his cock rock hard, fucked me so good in front of the camera and my husband and he even made me squirt A LOT!! I have side notes throughout the video as as he discovers more and more things I like sexually, like getting my ass fingered or neck grabbed as he pounds my pussy. In our first encounter we fucked all over my entire house and he was way better than I expected. In this video I teach him that the better he fucks a HotWife the more she is going to do for him so after he cums the first time he learns his first lesson. lol Fuck her good and she will keep you around for round two and do an outfit change for you. I changed outfits, fucked him all over the house again and then did it all over again in outfit change number 3. He was over until about 5 in the morning and I did not let him leave until his balls were drained. I did make him wear a condom because it was our first time together and I told my husband he had to earn being inside of me bare. Episode 3 is called Rewarding My Student because this is when I let him fuck me bareback. In every episode I teach him something new about fucking a HotWife. For example, in episode 4 I teach him to always satisfy a HotWife’s sexual cravings and if she’s craving for you to cum in her mouth then that is what you do. In a later episode he flew to my Vegas home to fuck me for the weekend and so on. I have 4 years of sex videos with him but every episode I release will be in chronological order as it happened. I am still the only HotWife he has fucked but by the time he gets his hands on another he is going to be the prefect wife fucker thanks to me. lol He leaves my pussy so satisfied and can keep a hardon like no other, in one of the episodes he cums FOUR TIMES! Hence why I am still fucking him 4 years later. Enjoy my HotWife mini series, My Student. He definitely never thought he would one day be fucking his ex-teacher while she teaches him and makes his fantasies a reality.

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