Latin Sandra – Hot Wifing 101

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I called this video HotWifing 101 because after we had agreed on a night to fuck he asked me who was going to film our sex and I said my husband was and he was confused at first. lol The video starts off with him giving me a mini interview on what exactly a HotWife is. In the video you get to hear my complete explanation but in short, I am don’t fuck anybody that I don’t want to meaning I don’t shoot professional porn with ANY companies. I meet all of my boytoys through different social outlets and once we connect and they meet my criteria we set up a play date and well, FUCK ALL NIGHT while my husband records it. My husband is an Alpha male who likes to share me because it excites him to see me cum with other men. I don’t fuck other men because my husband is small or bad in bed, he just loves to spoil me with good cock. My sex life has never been better! I am a classy girl with a dirty mind. Buut anyyyways, more about this video. lol I had originally posted this split up into smaller clips but this is the video from our entire fuck session and what an amazing fuck session this was. If you have seen any of my videos then you already know I only fuck in suites and that’s because I want to be fucked all over it and that is exactly what he did. He fucked my brains out on the couch, floor, bed and even outside on the wraparound balcony. Speaking of the wraparound balcony, I loved that on one side we were giving the Las Vegas strip a show of us fucking, him eating my ass, me sucking his huge cock and on the other side, the hotel guests on the neighboring high-rises and the neighbors on the balcony next to ours were definitely hearing me scream as he was pounding me and I was cumming on his massive cock. We fucked from late afternoon until the wee hours of the night and you get to see it all. My favorite was when he fucked me on the bathroom sink with my outfit on, he just scooted it aside and fucked me. He came all over my tits but his dick is so big it was practically in my mouth which made it easier for me to lick him clean. He definitely left my pussy extremely satisfied and I loved being his HotWife. The happiest Hotwife gets lots of love from her husband and lots of lust from other men. My husband says I deserve to experience orgasms in as many different ways as possible so if he doesn’t mind then why should you or I? HotWife, Hot Life. My next HotWife sexcapade cumming soon, VERY soon!

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