Lady Toro – Dont Go Inside

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You got off work early today and decide to surprise your wife at home. You find her best friend waiting outside your house. She seems surprised to see you and makes some small talk before immediately stopping you from going inside your own house. She tries to make some lame excuses but eventually admits your wife is in their cheating on you! She doesn’t want you to go inside and ruin her good time, you see she has a big alpha fucking her so good and she needs this. All your wife complains about is how awful it is to fuck you, how tiny your dick is and how you could never make her cum. So if you love her you’d let her enjoy her time getting fucked by a real man. She’s in their having the time of her life, being fucked and having multiple orgasms and you’re not going to ruin it for her! She’d leave you for sure if you walked in on her so it’s best you just go back to work and pretend you never came home. Because let’s face it you’re a total loser and you’ll never get married again if she leaves you. Her best friend convinced you to go back to work, and even suggests you let her have this rendezvous at least once a month to keep her satisfied.

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