Lady Nina – The Bank Job

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Im here for an interview at your bank. I act very sweet and flirtatious at first, implying that if I agree with all your demands you might even get to have sex with me – but once I’ve wrapped you around my finger i change my tone and become more and more dominating towards the end. I heard you have plenty of billionaire customers, like oil sheiks and global business CEOs, and you see great opportunities in managing their wealth. My last banks didn’t end well, apparently someone embezzled all their funds and the bank owners **** themselves. My seduction and HUGE BREASTS ruin your sense of judgement though and your wrapped firmly around my finger. I want to start this job immediately. In fact i don’t want to just work here, i want total control. You’re position in fact … you’ll help me do so, get your hard dick out but you cannot stroke it until you’ve met all my demands. I like to make deals with my men whilst horny and weak. You can guess how I’ll dispose of you when I’m done? Look out the window of your office, then look down… Bon voyage.

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