Lady Kara – You Will Never Forget That Lesson 1080p

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Duration: 12:04
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Slave I must punish you! Do you know why? Of course you don’t, you stupid idiot! You forgot to wash my panties! After I will done with you, you’ll never forget it again! You can’t move but only take all punish from your Lady. I will stomp on your little dick and stomach and I start to whip your head and chest with no mercy! I won’t stop untill I whip that information to your stupid head! And I don’t care that you will lose your consciousness. When I will done with you, you will remember that lesson. Everytime when you look at the mirror and see blo*d marks on your body you will think about your disobedience. You will never do that again.

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