Kylie Star – Deep Mind Fuck Spell

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Duration: 45:34
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Are you ready to find out just how deeply I can fuck your mind, turn you on and bind you under my seductive spell? I love using you as a test subject for my erotic and esoteric experiments, seeing just how much I can affect and alter you. Are you ready to go down so deep for me that you run the risk never coming back? It’ll be easier than ever to fuck you up with intense mind melting arousal and play with your instincts and desires because I have weaponized fetish fantasy by dressing in this lavish, curve hugging, tight and shiny latex catsuit. Watch the way it glistens in the light as I sway my hips and dance seductively, before you know what hit you you’ll be drifting into a dizzying state of trance, lost in a mindless daze as you stroke yourself deeper and deeper for me. When I have you just where I want you I will take advantage of your obedient and susceptible state, by sadistically guiding you into cbt, making you ache for me and showing you how to find pleasure within the pain as I take you even deeper into obedient surrender, preparing you for my sex magic ritual. Edge for me and allow the energy to build as I take you further down into entrancement, guiding your consciousness and using your orgasmic energy to cast a powerful sex magic spell. Best viewed in a dark room, be sure to watch this clip in a place where you can safely drift into trance. Do not watch or listen to this or any of my other trance clips while driving. Viewer assumes all potential risks in viewing this clip.

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