Kristinaxxx – Seducing Virgin Brother

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Your step-sister is feeling bored at home and comes to your bedroom. She starts telling you that she hasn’t been fine lately since she broke up with her boyfriend. She hasn’t had sex already for two months. Then step-sister starts to be more frank and asks you about your intimate life or any sexual experience. Oh no… Are you virgin??? Yes, she knows you have always been into studying and in general you are not very sociable but she is still surprised that you didn’t have even a one single hook up. Step-Sister is excited from the thought that her step-brother is virgin and starts seducing you. She is rubbing your cock through your pants and to her satisfaction she finds out that you cock is hard. Then your step-sister slowly takes off her clothes, now you can see the naked woman right in front of you, first time in life. You are so excited that can’t control your lust. Your step-sister asks you to beg her for a blowjob. You are a good boy and beg her for that. She starts sucking your cock and already feels precum. Oh, her step-brother’s taste is awesome. But she doesn’t want you to cum before she fucks you. Yes, she wants to put step-brother’s naked raw cock inside her pussy. You think it is wrong but she convinces you that it will be your secret. After all, she is your older step-sister who is more experienced than you. You can’t resist her and have to obey. She rides your cock while talking dirty about how her step-brother’s raw cock feels inside her pussy. Then she cums and accepts it’s her best orgasm so far. Now she orders you to cum inside her. Yes, you have to fill your step-sister’s pussy with your semen. You think is so wrong but again have to obey. You both have done such a naughty thing. Your step-sister tells you that whenever she feels horny she is going to use her step-brother’s cock because now she made sure it feels amazing. And since she took your virginity and became your first woman, she has full control over you.

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