Kitty LeRoux – Mommy ish

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Your dad just remarried a hot, ditzy girl your age. It’s a little awkward for you. She walks around in a bikini all the time and it’s driving you wild. You don’t even know how it stays on. While your dad is away on a business trip, it’s just you and her. Maybe in not the best decision you’ve ever made, you masturbated with a pair of her panties while she went out to the pool, but she caught you. “OH MY GODDDDD! I just masturbated in those!” She starts freaking out. “I told your dad I’d be a big girl and not get into any trouble and I totally turned you into a pervert!” She blames herself for not being ready to be a mom, “I mean, before I met your dad I was BLOWING dudes your age.” After a mild panic attack, she realizes that there isn’t any advice about boners is parenting vlogs! A lightbulb goes off when she realizes that she knows exactly how to take care of a boner! ..and she’s “like, REALLY good at it.” She won’t take no for an answer. “It’s not like I’m your mother-mother.” So, let mommy-ish take care of you. And not just once…she climbs on top of your hard dick during a hot dream about her and realizes that maybe a slut like her would make the perfect mommy for a pervert like you. Maybe one day you’ll get her one of those “World’s Best Mom” mugs.

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