Kimberleyjx – Trophy Hotwife

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I am your younger, sexy, arrogant bitch of a trophy wife, I adore teasing and flirting with you all the time, getting you so fucking hard and desperate for my attention, but I’m always in control which I know and love to keep you frustrated and denied. You know I get to do what I want and I taunt you with the fact, but you would put up with anything to keep me happy!

It’s my Birthday so when I open my gift to see you’ve only brought me one piece of Tiffany jewellery, I’m so disappointed. To pay you back I am going to make you watch as I entertain my newest lover, a huge BBC hung black stud from the rough part of the city! I’ve tied you down into the chair so you can’t stop me doing whatever I have planned. My new lover walks into the room, he is over six feet tall and has enormous muscled arms and shoulders, a giant of a man with a giant hung BBC (Big Black Cock). You had never expected me to cuckold me with anyone quite like him!

I tease you and show him what he will be getting; Platform stilettos, shiny red lips, a corset, cinched in very tightly, pushing my pornstar tits up, long opera gloves and jewellery you bought me. 
Suddenly he shoved his cock down my throat, his big bulging black cock (BBC) fucking my face, making me gag and ruining my make up. He then grabs me and drags me across the room, I desperately try to keep my balance but he pushes me onto my bed, you never dreamt that me, your controlling, elegant wife could ever be face fucked like this!

The hot hung throbbing BBC begins to fuck me hard and deep and fast, pounding in and out of my broken wet sloppy pussy like a machine! You’re watching, shamed, humiliated and aroused, watching him fuck me, using me, hearing me cry out as he destroys me, seeing your glorious bitch wife squirm and try to escape the brute breaking me in front of you, my desperate husband. Turning me, your elegant, sophisticated, rich bitch into a cheap slut. His BBC pounding me harder and faster than you could have imagined.

Faster and faster he fucks me, screaming at his BBC, begging him to stop, telling him I can’t handle it, crying out that he is just too big, that he is destroying my perfect tight cunt with his huge fucking black cock (BBC). He doesn’t care, his focus is on fucking this expensive rich bitch until he cums. This BBC is smashing my cunt in different positions (Doggystyle, Missionary, On my back legs spread), pounding me hard and fast, my perfect body destroyed, all my sexual power defeated and on the verge of p.assing out. He finally explodes his BBC deep inside my pussy, leaving a huge creampie. 
He’s finished with me, and gets off the bed, walks out without a word, not even glancing back at what he did to me. You look at me, dazed on the bed, my pussy gaping wide and oozing out his cum, my perfect makeup and hair a total mess. Dazed and whimpering as I slowly arise, post orgasmic tremors still running through my perfect form. You’ve never seen me so broken , so ruined, nor have I ever looked more beautiful to you. You promise yourself that you will never disappoint me with a gift again!

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