Kimber Lee – Giving You Some Motivation With a BJ

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Duration: 13:43s
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Babe I hate seeing you like this. Do you not like my new bikini? I bought just for you to enjoy. I know you haven’t been feeling great recently but I want to do my part. Just sit back and relax and let me do all of the work. Mmmm grinding on leg feels really good through my bikini bottoms. Can you feel the warmth from my pussy near your cock? Ohbaby look at that hard cock! Now for the real work to begin. I know I can get this cock to cum if I put him in my mouth. How does that feel? Guiding your cock in my mouth with my tongue and lips. Sucking and slurping up my spit. i want to make you cum babe! Please cum on my sexy pink lips!

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