Kimber Lee – Banana Wrestling With Ashlynn

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Duration: 11:28s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: LESBIANS

Are you ready for this custom video? You know how much I love playing with food and getting super messy. So I had Ashlynn wrestle with me in this pool of bananas. That’s right, BANANAS! Do you see how many bananas are in that inflatable pool? We start out the video in a hot set of bra and panties, and slowly peal them off each other, I rub my hands all over Ashlynns tight hot body. We step into the pool of bananas and feel the bananas pop out of their peels below us!! I get Ashlynn down into the mass bananas and throw her around. She climbs on top of me and rubs bananas all over my chest and ass. I can’t believe how slipery we are!! I never thought I would be naked wrestling in a pool of bananas, and i’m so glad I got to experiene it! We end the video by licking banana off each others nipples and making out. I had banana all up in my ass crack and pussy! Lol I hope I get more of these custom videos! Join me in my next LIVE HD camshow!! Exclusive for all of my members!

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