Kerri King – Beta Rides the Edge JOI Part 6

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Duration: 20:24s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Another great day to be me, another miserable day to be you..tiny cock and cucky personality considered. I take you on a new and even more intense endeavor today, whilst giving away my newest exploit plans with 4 new Alphas, two of which are stepbrothers. You love to hear that the possibility of new guys sliding in and out of my tight hole could possibly be shared with you via story time, but you’re the most excited, selfishly, to edge again. Edging with your two fingers on your teeny pindick, mesmerized, and your mind turned into mush; I make matters even more extreme by not only taunting you in my immaculate, sheer dress(without a bra to contain my huge tits), but also a panty tease, and assignments to avoid lasting blue balls. It’s so hard to think, isn’t it? Good think you love when I think FOR YOU.

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