Kerri King – Beta Rides the Edge Aroma JOI Part 5

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Duration: 21:26s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’re back..because of course you are. You’re hooked and there’s no turning back now. You love the aroma filling your nose, you love my personal sex romp stories as you pump your tiny prick, and I always drive you nuts with the perfect amount of edging. Today I show up in a flowing green romper, without a bra, to give you a glimpse of the flawless curves YOU will never touch, and tell you all about my a former fuck sesh I had with a favorite Alpha. My good beta bitch wants to hear alllll about it and be denied, yet still acknowledged, don’t you? Pump until I nip your time off, and be prepared this session to up the ante, yet again.

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