Kenny Kong – Indica Flower, Aria Kai Parts 1-4 complete scene 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 35:58
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Wowza! This”smoking threesome”(3S) scene will make your cock super hard dripping with cum! Naughty housewives Aria Kai and Indica Flower want to play with my nasty Asian cock while their husbands are at work. Yeah, these two nymphs know how to make my nasty cock throb with anticipation – watch them do some dirty dancing, gyrate to music and flop their big boobs, twerk their round asses and spread their wet pussies. Watch me slap and munch on their hanging breasts, juicy asses, silky legs, succulent toes and slimy wet cunts. These two hoes love to suck my balls and lick my fuck stick at the same time, Indica loves to chew and suck my balls while Aria slurp greedily on my Asian cock. Watch me fuck them hard and watch me pump hot cum down into one girl’s throat! Watch these nasty bitches share and swap my cum! But wait for part 4 when I stuff these hot holes (all 4 of them) again and inject hot cum down one pussy. Damn, these two sluts are smoking hot! Follow me on Twitter: “KennyKongxxx” for updates and trailers. Thanks for watching!

Indica and Aria swallowed one load of hot cum in Part 1 to 3. Now they have to wake up my limp dick with some nasty antics! Watch my cock plunge from hole to hole (4 of them) and watch us fuck in different positions! These hot sluts love to taste each other’s pussy juice too! I love the way these two girls give me French kisses, lots of tongue actions! I fuck them ferociously and I flooded one girl’s wet pussy with thick potent Asian semen. Watch them clean up my pecker. By the way, these hot sluts love to dirty talk throughout the scene and love to lick each other’s pussy. I included a short “Behind the scene” clip and you can see they love sex and we had so much fun fucking! This is my “Smoking Threesome” (3S) collection. Be sure to follow me on Twitter: “KennyKongxxx” for updates and trailers. Thanks for watching!

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