Kendra James – Stuck in Latex

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Duration: 12:11s
Quality: 1440x1080 HD
Category: BONDAGE

The super duo Pinup Girl and Super Model have snuck into the lair of the evil villainous Dreamweaver to arrest her and bring her to justice. Some of their partners in crime fighting have already been captured by this nefarious villain who loves to plant booby traps for anyone trying to bring her down, but these two are confident she won’t get the best of them! They remove their boots so they can move quietly through her lair, tip toeing in their pantyhose and watching closely for traps. The narcissistic Pinup Girl stops for a moment to snap a selfie, thinking what a great post this will make on her crime fighting Instagram page. She’s too preoccupied to notice Super Model is walking right into a booby trap! With a loud pop! and a scream the heroine finds herself encased up to her neck in one of Dreamweaver’s notorious sleep sacks. The giant balloon sack has her totally immobilized and begins to constrict, getting tighter. Pinup Girl rushes over to help her friend completely oblivious to the other sleep sack laying in wait for her to walk into. Another pop! and the dimwitted hero is wrapped in a sack! Whatever will they do? The encasement sacks are designed to get tighter as the heroines struggle, slowly putting them to sleep, but also to scramble their brain waves and turn them into horny mindless drones. They struggle fiercely trying to stretch and pop the sacks, wriggling around on the floor and gasping for air. Pinup Girl and Super Model roll helplessly from side to side trapped within their bondage sacks. They’re soon breathless with effort as the latex cocoons weaken them. Dizzy, confused and sleepy they start to slip into slumber while still struggling to break free, their efforts slowly dwindling. Soon they’ve drifted into Dreamweavers nightmare world in which they become brainwashed and reprogrammed for sex.

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