Kelle Martina – The Garbage Men

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Duration: 19:15s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

“Tell me how I’ve been your latex sissy and you have been my latex mumsy and you been making me have sex with gay men and sucking cock but I’m getting worn out and your gay friends aren’t wanting me anymore so you have decided to dispose of me, but you want me to suffer and get broken by a bunch of gay men. You say how you know a couple of big strong gay men who are going to gang bang me and use me as a total cum dumpster. You tell me that they are garbage men and how they’re so big and strong because they spend all day throwing huge black bags into the back of the truck, and how they are going to be so sweaty when we meet up with them because they have been working all day and the garbage truck is almost full. You’re gonna put me in latex and put lots of makeup and lip gloss on me and oil me up so I’m nice and shiny, you tell me how it’s garbage day today and we’re gonna meet them in a warehouse where they are picking up a huge load of garbage and how they’re going to manhandle me because I’m just garbage now. They’re going to pack my ass full of Vaseline and fuck me over all the black garbage bags and gang bang me then cum all over me and inside me and you’re going to love watching it. Then it’s time to dispose of me, you’ll watch the garbage men bag me up in garbage bags and throw me in the back of the truck toss more bags on me, you’ll laugh when I’m crying for you and begging for mercy and you’ll just say “be a good girl and stay nice and quiet the garbage compactor will be nice and quick”, as you watch the blade come down and compress all the bags and you will hear the bags pop and the noises of your little sissy girl getting flattened inside. Pull out your phone and pretend to call the garbage men and tease me by telling them how they’re going to fuck me and pack me with so much Vaseline, and how you’re going to love watching me get bagged up and pressed flat with the rest of the trash. End the clip by telling me how this is what happens to broken little toys, they get destroyed in the garbage truck, now it’s time to go see the garbage men it’s garbage day! “

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